Arrange one story in each corner;

The city of the night hides everything,

Only the lights of the big buildings:

Burning becomes a witness to the story.



Today’s moon is covered in clouds:

Only a dry star shines in the sky.

No one kept track of anyone

City lights hide something.

The story of the night ends at night:

The new story begins in the light of day.



The nocturnal predator who:

He is the one who worships the gods in the light of day.

Blood stains in the alleys of the city

Erased in the darkness of night.

The people of the city forget everything

Following the rules of the selfish world,

How many hundreds of lives stop vibrating—

Strong; In terrible hands.



They are criminals in the eyes of the city.

Those who see the naked reality in the light of day,

Those who touch the lifeless body

The body of the weak-figure goes naked.

They become socialists and judge sin and virtue,

The secret stories of the night city trampled

Reality becomes a weak character.



New names are in the newspapers

The story of the city is in the folds of women’s clothes.

Famous socialists hide behind,

And the secret stories of the night city remain unknown.



As many stains on the bodies of women and the poor

Judgment is a prisoner on paper today, the judge is a slave to money.

By ayud3